The 18 foot giant

One of the most important experiences I had as I started working the Steps with my Sexaholics Anonymous sponsor was when I realized that fighting lust was impossible for me. I could not fight lust on my own–ever!  

Fighting lust thoughts in my head only gave the thought, temptation, or negative emotion even more power to hold on to me. Lust is an 18 foot giant. In a battle with an 18 foot giant, I’m always going to lose. Instead for fighting lust, I had to learn how to surrender it.

Surrendering My Lust to God

Truly surrendering lust (as well as my will and my life) over to God means that I don’t have to hold onto lust  or  fight lust anymore. When I’m holding onto lust, it is impossible for me to be free from it. Fighting and surrendering are worlds apart today. In order to have freedom, I had to give up fighting and surrender my will to God to find freedom. As our Sexaholics Anonymous “White Book” says:

“In summary, for us surrender is the change in attitude of the inner person that makes life possible. It is the great beginning, the insignia and watchword of our program. And no amount of knowledge about surrender  can make it a fact until we simply give up, let go, and let God. When we surrender our ‘freedom,’ we become truly free”. (SA “White Book,” page 81)