About EMER

What is EMER?

EMER is an abbreviation for Europe and Middle East Region (EMER), a collaboration of Intergroup of Sexaholics Anonymous (SA) from all across the continent of Europe. EMER was formed on 8th December 2011 by the vote of five SA Intergroups – Flanders (Belgium), Ireland, Israel, Netherlands and the UK. Since then, many other Integroups have joined EMER and one, Israel, has grown to form a region of its own. We now join together as a Regional Assembly of 14 Intergroup Representatives (IGRs), five General Assembly Delegates (GADs) and four regional officers (Chair, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary).

Just as groups in a local area come together in an Intergroup to serve their area, so Intergroups come together to serve their Region and SA on the national and international level where the numbers of Intergroups warrant a Regional Assembly

(SA Service Manual, p 18)

EMER holds quarterly teleconferences on the first Monday of March, June, September and December. It also holds an annual face-to-face Regional Assembly (RA). All SA members are welcome to attend these events.

EMER’s Purpose

The primary purpose of Sexaholics Anonymous is to carry the message to the sexaholic who still suffers. The Regional Assembly for the Europe and Middle East Region has the same purpose and pursues this by:

  • Facilitating contact between members and fostering SA unity in the Region and internationally.
  • Communicating information between Intergroups and SA as a whole.
  • Sharing resources among Intergroups and improving public information.
  • Sponsoring regional conventions, workshops, study materials, etc.
  • Discussing matters affecting the Region and SA as a whole.
  • Electing General Assembly Delegates to represent the Region at the SA General Delegate Assembly (GDA), and to bring motions to the GDA as required.

Representation & Funding

EMER supports more than 280 SA meetings across the Region and can entertain the representation of five delegates at SA’s annual General Delegate Assembly, normally held in the United States of America. EMER is funded by contributions from its member Intergroups, and after covering its own essential expenditure, EMER passes surplus funds onto SAICO (SA International Central Office). EMER’s main expenditure relates to the cost of travel for its officers to attend the annual Regional Assembly and for its five delegates to attend the General Delegate Assembly.

Intergroups in EMER

The following SA Intergroups are currently part of EMER (as of June 2022):

How to join EMER

Why join EMER

EMER will provide support to loners, SA groups and Intergroups within any of the nations listed by the United Nations Standard Country or Area Codes for Statistical Use (M49) under ‘Europe’ (52 countries), ‘Central Asia’ (5 countries), or ‘Western Asia’ (17 countries, excluding Israel which is its own SA region), plus Egypt.

Requirements / Prerequisites for joining EMER

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Application procedure

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How to start an SA Group

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How to start an Intergroup

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Other SA Regions

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