SA Traditions Workshop

SA 12-Traditions Workshop

Learning by doing, as part of an SA group, is an effective way to gain experience with the 12 Traditions of Sexaholics Anonymous.

Here you will find details of a Workshop designed to help SA members gain experience with the 12 Traditions – through interactive engagement in small groups.

Workshop participants will

  • become familiar with the 12 Traditions in both their short and long forms;
  • work as part of an “SA home group” to answer specific questions about each Tradition;
  • apply everything that has been learned to specific SA-related scenarios;
  • gain experience in developing a group conscience and dealing with minority-opinion.

The Workshop can be run as a whole-day event, studying multiple scenarios, or can be compressed into about 3 hours.

The Workshop is suitable for any number of participants from two upwards, without the need for an expert facilitator.

You are welcome to run it for your own SA home group or Intergroup whenever you wish.

You can download more details about the 12-Traditions Workshop, or contact us for any further information.