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Use the SA Meetings Map to locate an existing SA Meeting or to get a new one started

The Blue Pins on the SA Meetings Map below show the approximate location of many, though not all, Sexaholics Anonymous meetings around the world. Details provided include the approximate location, day and time of the meeting and contact details where more detailed information can be obtained. To propose a new SA Meetings Map entry or correct an existing one click here.

To reach out to a loner or start a new SA meeting – see below

Reach out to a loner or start a new SA meeting

Orange Men mark the approximate locations of male members who are subscribed to the SA Buddy List. If you would like to communicate with one or more of these members, please click here to join the SA Buddy List. Please note that the Buddy List is only open to adult men who have a desire for sobriety according to the SA sobriety definition. There is a separate list for female members.

Yellow Pins on the SA Meetings Map show places where lone SA members are wanting to start new meetings and some means of getting in touch with them  To propose a new Yellow Pin for the SA Meetings Map click here

Need more details?

The SA Meetings Map gives approximate details only. For more precise information about the location and times of meetings in Europe and the Middle East, please visit the websites of our member Intergroups and  neighbouring Regions and Intergroups.

Volunteers are needed to continue building the SA Meeting Map. Please let us know, if you would like to help.

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